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Monday, March 23, 2015

I Love Whipped Cream!!

Our part is done!
Thanks for the nomination Dee Hammond!

Join us!!
The Challenge is out to:
Mary Kate Oldham
Becky Pearce
Julie Vander Griend
Holly Vander Griend
Katie Swaagman

You are Challenged to:

1. Take a Kool Whip face plant

2. Donate $10.00 to the Amazing Kids program

3. You nominate 5 people you know who will participate

How does the Kool Whip for Kool Kids Challenge work?

Sandy accepts the Kool Whip for Kool Kids Challenge, and asks Howard to throw a whipped cream pie in her face.

Howard preps his whipped cream pie – it should be light and fluffy for best effect! Cool Whip, Reddi Whip, WhipIt, regular whipped cream, etc… Use a disposable aluminum pie pan or even a paper plate to keep it simple!

Howard throws a whipped cream pie in Sandy’s face, and Howard donates $10 to Amazing Kids on the Amazing Kids website – http://www.amazingkids.ca/

Then Sandy nominates/challenges Becky and 4 other friends to do the same.

Becky asks a friend to throw a pie in her face, and after Sandy sees Becky's face, she
 donates her $10 to Amazing Kids on the Amazing Kids site http://www.amazingkids.ca/ 
Then Becky nominates 5 of her friends to accept the Kool Whip for Kool Kids Challenge.

**You Donate after you have seen the person you challenged get Kool Whipped! You can donate through Paypal at this link: 

 Make your donation securely using PayPal!

You can go to the Kool Whip for Kool Kids Challenge Intro Video on Facebook for more details!

Sharing the Kool Whip for Kool Kids Challenge on Social Media:


Through our social media posts, we’ll spread the word and the fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sandy and Howard both record their pie throwing challenges and share it on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – using the hashtag #AKLeth.

That’s part of the fun, right? Seeing your friend’s face covered in whipped cream!

You’re basically donating $10 to Amazing Kids to get to see your friends get hit in the face with a whipped cream pie.

But if the videos aren’t shared, we won’t be able to see the pie throwing.

The Goal - $10,000 for Amazing Kids!

What is Amazing Kids?

An after-school program in Lethbridge, Alberta that assists all kids aged 5 – 12.
  It provides a quality program where kids get mentoring, love and care.
    Our program occurs one day a week and we provide snacks, lessons from the Bible, crafts, singing,     and gym time at the YMCA and Westminster Elementary School.
      Once a week we get together with their parents or guardians for coffee.
        Once a month we provide a family meal where the kids, youth and parents acan enjoy a sense of         community together.
The program runs October – June each year. 
We also hold a sports camp or backyard Bible club during the summer months.

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